that will take you from 'Overworked' to 'In Control'.

Interested in becoming a VIP Member of Breakthrough4Business?
that will take you from 'Overworked' to 'In Control'.

Are You a Business Owner, CEO or Entrepreneur?

Does it feel sometimes that Your Business is in Control of YOU,
Rather than YOU being in Control of Your Business?

Can you feel the business landscape changing?
We now live & complete in a global economy and the business that are going to thrive will
be the innovators.

Does this sound like you?
Do you want it bad enough?
Are you prepared to invest in your future?

In the Breakthrough4Business Program, Some of the things you will learn are:

3 New & Easy Ways to get access to people who can update & create your websites for minimal cost.

Database management system that enable you to store your database in 1 program and then be able to market directly to them.

Simple ways to measure your marketing strategies to TEST if they give you the results you want.

Learn how to store your files so that they are accessible from Mobile devices as well as your PC.

Find out about the new way of Marketing that is about to take every industry by STORM.
Be first to MARKET and be known as the INNOVATOR in your Industry.

Mike Leask

I just attended 2 days of the breakthroug4 business seminar and bootcamp here at Novotel where weve seen speakers gather great topics, including business guidance, reflection on what you should do with your business and other great skills that we could take forward including internet marketing and search engine optimization. I think this has been a great weekend and I think you should really consider how you could advance your business and come along to a session just like this. Essentially, its all about learning how to work on your business and make it better.

Grant Dempsey

We've just been here for 2 days for the Breakthrough4Business Bootcamp Seminar with Steven Dixon and it has been fabulous. here have been some fantastic speakers and they really wowed the crowd and the information has been brilliant. The thing that I really liked about it is the people who have been talking to us have actually done the things that they are talking about. They are not theorist and they have just been real and very supportive of the people. Another thing is they are not trying to sell. They are here to help us and to educate us. Everyone here has been appreciative on what they have to offer so I really recommend the breakthrough4business bootcamp. Book in, come along and it will be 2 days that you'll really love and that will help you and your business.

Rochelle Jeffrey

I have just been spending 2 days of the breakthrough for business boot camp seminar and it has been amazing. The caliber of speakers has been exceptional. I will recommend this not only for business owners but also CEOs, leaders throughout Illawarra and some of our larger organizations as well.