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Event Keynote Speakers for
2 - Day Bootcamp' 2014

Andrew Jeffers


Andrew Jeffers has more than 20 years experience in public practice accounting services. He understands how important it is for Business Owners to ‘know their numbers’, and during Andrews session he will help you unlock and understand the key figures in your Business that can be tweaked to give you greater results.

Originally Andrew was bred into the accounting arena by his father Kerry Jeffers, a CPA registered tax agent who owned his own public practice for over 45 years. Andrew’s business acumen developed as a school boy working in the practice assisting with bookkeeping and tax return preparation.

Andrew’s natural flair and thirst for knowledge was further nourished by his choices of study and he currently holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Sydney, a Master of Commerce from Macquarie University, a Master of Science (e-Business) from Westminster University (London) and is currently completing a Master of Law & Legal Practice at the University of Technology Sydney.

Andrew has held positions of CFO, Director and Company secretary for Private and Non Listed Public Entities both here and in the UK. He has worked in Commercial and Non for Profit organisation transacting on a global basis with turnovers up to $150m AUD. Andrew is in a unique position being a CPA but also as a man who has cut code. Andrew has been involved in many IT / Software ventures. These have ranged from Start-ups to established businesses. He is one of the few experts in the field in Australia. He has been called upon to provide indepth valuations of IT companies in the past.

Scott Bywater


Are you a business owner who wants more customers, but are confused about all the shiny objects… and feel as if you’re in the middle of a maze with very little time, a limited budget and no clear way out?

Are you uncertain about whether to do social media, run an ad, invest more in your web site, or get more traffic?

If you feel overwhelmed, Scott Bywater can help.

After failing in his initial business venture, he was that broke he was living in a half-way house in Paddington and had to borrow money from a friend to pay the rent.

Yet since that moment in 2003, he’s used his copywriting and marketing know-how to create millions of dollar’s worth of revenue for over 143 different industries… including brand name companies like Bodytrim, Knowledge Source, Universal Events, Jim’s Mowing, one of the largest natural health web sites in the world ( where he’s written and split-tested over 1537 different headlines and seen the results. He challenges anyone to beat him in a series of headline tests).

It doesn’t matter what you’re currently stuck with…

  • Lead Generation
  • Boosting your website conversion
  • Turning emails into customers
  • Stopping cold calling and getting people to come to you magnetically
  • Positioning yourself so you are not seen as a commodity who has to compete on price
  • Getting a 24/7 marketing funnel so you get your time and life back

… Scott Bywater understand what it takes to get you unstuck. (if you want proof, feel free to check out over 145 of his podcasts before the program at )

He lives with his wife Helen and son Ethan right in Mangerton, Wollongong (yes, he’s a local) and serves clients right across Australia, the US, UK and the world at large.

Pete Kvist

Website Expert

Since his formal education at the University of Canberra, Pete Kvist has gone on to be asought after speaker, presenter and website expert, also having recently published his book “Why Most Websites Suck!”. He currently acts as a brand ambassador for the Ford Motor Company and has fronted the television camera for material broadcast around the globe.

Pete has appeared on local media as well as international networks such as the BBC, with one of his biggest credits coming as a co-host of the international broadcast of the Navy’s International Fleet Review in Sydney in 2013, viewed by over 30 million people globally.

Today, Pete has a successful marketing company based in Sydney and is in extremely high demand as a website strategist and developer, with staff and clients in over a dozen countries.

Kym Williams

Business Automation

Kym Williams has been judged as one of the ‘Top 40 under 40 Business Leaders’ in Australian magazine ‘In the Black’ for two years running. His personal mission is to become a World Leading Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and advisor in the areas of Leadership, Culture and High Performance.

Using Practical tools, Techniques and Demonstration Video, Kym will show you how setting the right foundations around key Systems, Processes and Technology will allow your Business to Scale, Exceed your Customers’ Expectations and Deliver Outstanding Success.

Building growing a successful business through automating your systems and processes

How do you Embed a High Performance Culture in your Business through an above the line mindset?

During this Session Kym Williams will explore a landmark study led by the University of New South Wales that examined the extent to which Culture, Leadership and Management practices drive high performance in Australian organisations.

The session will be highly interactive with a focus on discussing the study’s findings and what small and medium businesses can learn from them to improve their own performance. Specifically, key topics to be covered will be:

-What high performing organisations do – the key culture, leadership and management attributes that set them apart

-The productivity and profitability benefits of engaging in these practices

-Key challenges faced by both high and low performing workplaces and how these can be overcome

-Why culture is king and cannot be replicated

-How to embed an above the line mindset in your business that will add millions to your bottom line and increase engagement at all levels of the business

5 Minutes of Magic

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Attend both days of the Bootcamp ($395)

Attend only 1 Day (Friday) of the Bootcamp ($295)

Attend only 1 Day (Saturday) of the Bootcamp ($295)

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Are You a Business Owner, CEO or Entrepreneur?

Does it feel sometimes that Your Business is in Control of YOU,
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Can you feel the business landscape changing?
We now live & complete in a global economy and the business that are going to thrive will
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Does this sound like you?
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In the Breakthrough4Business Program, Some of the things you will learn are:

3 New & Easy Ways to get access to people who can update & create your websites for minimal cost.

Database management system that enable you to store your database in 1 program and then be able to market directly to them.

Simple ways to measure your marketing strategies to TEST if they give you the results you want.

Learn how to store your files so that they are accessible from Mobile devices as well as your PC.

Find out about the new way of Marketing that is about to take every industry by STORM.
Be first to MARKET and be known as the INNOVATOR in your Industry.



Attend both days of the Bootcamp ($395)

Attend only 1 Day (Friday) of the Bootcamp ($295)

Attend only 1 Day (Saturday) of the Bootcamp ($295)

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Joining the B4B VIP program in 2013 was invaluable when starting up my consulting business. The speakers and sessions provide you with great ideas you can implement into your own business, plus you get to work and bounce ideas off with like minded business people from the program. I have no doubt the investment has been well worth it.