Bootcamp Video Snippets

Steven Dixon - Are you the type of Leader your Team needs you to be?
Tony Gattari - A business's system is only as good as the team who operates it
Alice Haemmerle - The 2 Degrees of Separation in a Business
Nick Bowditch - Get Their Attention
Nick Bowditch - The Power Of A Good Story
Trav Bell - It’s Not About The Resources
Nick Bowditch - Story Telling and Selling
Jaclyn Bold - Business Brand and Personal Brand
Adam Sowden - Product Value
Trav Bell - Top 5 Regrets
Jeff Yang - Do You Use Linkedin?
Tarran Deane - Author Your Brand
Andrew Jeffer - Working Well with Your Accountant
Claire Cope - Is Your Business Serving the Outcomes You Want?
Randall Smith - Honest Communication
Scott Bywater - How To Find Your Target Market
Pete Kvist - The value is in your Network
Kym Williams - What is your Companies greatest advantage