Greg is a certified Google professional and Google Partner who has managed over $5M in Ad-words spend. Greg is regularly in at Google HQ to keep on the forefront of changes Google makes, which enables him to share this information with his clients, saving them from costly oversights in their online advertising.

Greg is also an expert when it comes to online conversion and lead generation. Having run several successful online consulting and e-commerce businesses for the past decade, Greg is now a sought after business coach and mentor for those wanting to optimize and ramp up their online businesses by laser targeting all aspects of digital marketing.

Greg is a member on the Digital Marketer round table “The War Room’ and frequently travels to the U.S to keep up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and workshop with some of the brightest international marketing minds.

It’s Greg’s thirst for staying ahead of the curve and being able to covey difficult information in a simple way that provides his clients with unrivaled value and service.

Greg’s motto is “Invest in Yourself, Run Your Winners Long, Cut Your Loser Short, and Have Fun on the Journey.”