He Escaped From a ½ Way House,
But Does This Man Hold the Keys
to Getting You More Customers?

If you’re driving yourself insane about how to get
more customers – and chasing after way too many
shiny objects – you’ve just got to hear what this
crazy copywriter has to say…

Are you a business owner who wants more customers, but are confused about all the shiny objects… and feel as if you’re in the middle of a maze with very little time, a limited budget and no clear way out?

Are you uncertain about whether to do social media, run an ad, invest more in your web site, or get more traffic?

If you feel overwhelmed, Scott Bywater can help.

After failing in his initial business venture, he was that broke he was living in a half-way house in Paddington and had to borrow money from a friend to pay the rent.

Yet since that moment in 2003, he’s used his copywriting and marketing know-how to create millions of dollar’s worth of revenue for over 143 different industries… including brand name companies like Bodytrim, Knowledge Source, Universal Events, Jim’s Mowing, one of the largest natural health web sites in the world (Mercola.com where he’s written and split-tested over 1537 different headlines and seen the results. He challenges anyone to beat him in a series of headline tests).

It doesn’t matter what you’re currently stuck with…

  • Lead Generation
  • Boosting your website conversion
  • Turning emails into customers
  • Stopping cold calling and getting people to come to you magnetically
  • Positioning yourself so you are not seen as a commodity who has to compete on price
  • Getting a 24/7 marketing funnel so you get your time and life back

… Scott Bywater understand what it takes to get you unstuck.
(if you want proof, feel free to check out over 145 of his podcasts before the program at http://www.scottbywater.com/itunes )

He lives with his wife Helen and son Ethan right in Mangerton, Wollongong (yes, he’s a local) and serves clients right across Australia, the US, UK and the world at large.