Mike Leask

p-iconI just attended 2 days of the breakthroug4 business seminar and bootcamp here at Novotel where weve seen speakers gather great topics, including business guidance, reflection on what you should do with your business and other great skills that we could take forward including internet marketing and search engine optimization. I think this has been a great weekend and I think you should really consider how you could advance your business and come along to a session just like this. Essentially, its all about learning how to work on your business and make it better.

Grant Dempsey

p-iconWe’ve just been here for 2 days for the Breakthrough4Business Bootcamp Seminar with Steven Dixon and it has been fabulous. here have been some fantastic speakers and they really wowed the crowd and the information has been brilliant. The thing that I really liked about it is the people who have been talking to us have actually done the things that they are talking about. They are not theorist and they have just been real and very supportive of the people. Another thing is they are not trying to sell. They are here to help us and to educate us. Everyone here has been appreciative on what they have to offer so I really recommend the breakthrough4business bootcamp. Book in, come along and it will be 2 days that you’ll really love and that will help you and your business.

Rochelle Jeffrey

p-iconComing to the Breakthrough4business bootcamp seminar has been very productive. I’ve been to many seminars with this type of thing however to be honest, this has been the best and the most productive that Ive found. Theres certainly more than one thing that I’ll take home to use. In fact, every speaker that I’ve seen have given me 4-5 things that I could implement in my current business. Breakthrough4business seminar is really something that could take your business to the next level.

p-iconJoining the B4B VIP program in 2013 was invaluable when starting up my consulting business. The speakers and sessions provide you with great ideas you can implement into your own business, plus you get to work and bounce ideas off with like minded business people from the program, I have no doubt the investment has been well worth it.

p-iconMy wife Rhonda and myself have been a part of the VIP Program of B4B for about a year now. In that year, we have seen the business grow from a little sole trader to now where we have an office, showroom, four staff members and a lot bigger turn over. I dont think we would be where we are today without the help that we have recieved from B4B VIP Program.

We have learned a lot from converting sales to delegating workloads. The overall running of the business from what we were doing before to what we do now is totally different but the changes were definitely for the better. Another great thing about the program is being able to talk to other business owners at the master mind sessions one on one if we have a problem about our business and being able to get at least two-three people to help us with that problem. Truly, I will never look back from joining the B4B VIP Program.

Chris Calderbank-Park

- Director, Smith & Sons Southern NSW / ACT

p-iconI have been in business for many years and often wondered why and how can I go to the next level.

After researching many avenues and being introduced to Steven Dixon from Breakthrough4Business from a very trustworthy colleague of mine I could see the advantages from associating with Steven.

Steven showed our company Smith-Sons Renovations & Extensions Southern NSW ways to streamline the business as well as technology we
have never seen before.

I feel Steven and Breakthrough4business is the reason Smith-Sons is very successful today, without Steven we would most definitely be a second in our preferred market, with Steven we are number 1.

Brendan Birmingham

- New Millenium Trophies

p-iconI am not sure that I was skeptical about working with Steven, it was more that I was not sure if I was disciplined enough to carry out the directions that a Coach might give me.

I have had many discussions over the years with potential Business advisors, but did not take them on as I didnt really think they understood my Business. I decided to work with Steven as I believed he had an understanding of the type of business I have.

I have become more driven and more focused on what we have to do and where we want to go since working with Steven. We have developed a number of projects, the main one being the Website which is the cornerstone of our way forward.

I would recommend Steven as someone that has the qualities that I look for, Honesty, Integrity, Passion and a desire to succeed. Steven does not see failure as an option.

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Grant Demplsey
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