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2 Day Business Bootcamp|August 24th & 25th|Centro - 28 Stewart Street, Wollongong

The Speakers

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Learn How To

  • Get back in Control of your Business with Automation
  • Minimise errors and become more Productive through efficient Systems.
  • Have more free Time to enjoy a Business that does the work for you.

Meet The Speakers

Simon Bowen
Simon Bowen

Australia’s #1 Authority on Visual Based Thinking and Creator of The Models Method

Whether it’s communicating a new strategy to your Board or team, driving a critical project, or converting a customer to a purchase – the ability to influence with impact is the key … and Simon Bowen’s results demonstrate the unparalleled value of his results.

As a dynamic change agent, consultant, facilitator, CEO mentor, speaker and author, Simon Bowen is highly sought after by Fortune 500 companies, heads of Government, the military and private sector because of his transformational impact on the organisations he serves.

With nearly 30 years of total focus analysing the keys to peak performance and success, Simon understands how individuals and organisations tick, how they can improve, and what separates the elite from the average.

All influence relies on a conversion of thought. Every sale relies on a conversion of thought and Simon excels, with a unique ability to convert ambiguous, complex issues into crystal clear, engaging conversations that lead to this conversion of thought.

He simplifies the complex and makes it tangible through his unique proprietary process, The Models Method, to accelerate results.

Simon’s clients are genuinely astounded at how quickly his proven, research-backed Method can:

  • Elevate your sales results
  • Raise the performance level of your team
  • Increase your leadership impact, and
  • Create higher levels of ownership and alignment across your business.
David Jenyns
David Jenyns

David's impressive journey begins as an author and coach to hundreds of day traders back in his early 20's. Perfecting his analytical eye from stock market trading, he was able to quickly see - and snap up - business opportunities all around him.

His business experience spans from one-off windfall projects (such as selling the Melbourne Cricket Ground MCG), to developing and franchising retail stores, building a multi-million dollar portfolio of over 500 domains and websites, to turning his real world promotional skills into successful online marketing systems.

Some years on, David's now focus on his renowned SEO and web video companies: Melbourne SEO Services and Melbourne Video Productions. Together his companies help businesses grow through innovative online marketing systems.

Recognized as high achieving entrpreneur and online marketer, David has been asked to keynote countless conferences and seminars, as well as featured in dozens of publications, including Australian Financial Review and Smart Investor. He has also been featured in other media such as Nova radio and Channel 9's Today Show.

David's fun and approachable personality, yet seriously impressive business background, ensures he relates to a wide variety of audiences - and keeps them on the edges of their seats with his captivating anecdotes. David's life is one of dedication, passion and the desire to learn; and those who seek the same triumphs are motivated by his story.

Stephanie Cuevas
Stephanie Cuevas

Stephanie Cuevas is committed to making a difference in business owner’s lives. Her passion, as an ONTRAPORT Business Solutions Expert of over 2 years, is influencing lives by building businesses like those of April Iannazzone, Margaret Lynch, Erwin Valencia along with hundreds of other small business owners.

She specializes in digital marketing and system building — turning new and established businesses into streamlined power houses. With Stephanie’s help, businesses can create better customer experiences, increase sales and automate scalable processes, saving tons of time while building out the business of their dreams.

Trent Taylor
Trent Taylor

Trent Taylor believes you should have a life while building a business!

He believe that business owners should go from buying a “job” to having a business that works for them and without them. His Company, Teach it Forward, is a company that believes business owners should be able to live a life while giving their gifts/brilliance to the world.

He also believes that if your Business does not serve you and your family first, you are wasting your time.

We only have 1 life, so you may as well “do it” in the best way possible for you.

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